Hey there,

Do you know if your product is changing people's lives?.
Can you define the Key Business Question to be answered? From what audience can you get that info? Where in the experience of your product we should focus your design efforts? I am passionate about that. Knowing the truth about the user. 
I studied UX/UI Design at Brainstatrion Miami. I also have a UX certification from Google and an AS in Arts from Miami Dade College. Also, I worked in Reef Technology and in Onix Venture for 5 years researching and creating brands for retail digital purposes.
I spend my time talking with people, drawing comics of real problems, writing songs, and exploring places. Other times, I'm working on improving my Tennis service.

Let's chat — doctorpedro2@gmail.com-
(754)-265-3844-U.S Number.

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